Symptoms of Yeast Infection in Men

Symptoms of Yeast Infection in Men

Symptoms of Yeast Infection in Men

Yeast Infection in Men Yeast infection are something that affects both women and men alike. Although there are many similarities in the signs or symptoms of yeast infection in men and women, there are also many differences.  Symptoms of yeast infection in men are typically far worse than the symptoms of yeast infection in women.

Symptoms for Yeast infection in both men and women:

Symptom Descriptions the first similar symptom between men and women is burning while urinating. When you get a yeast infection, it will typically make you have to urinate pretty often. When you do urinate, it will most likely burn and feel extremely uncomfortable. Even though it may burn though, it is important not to try and hold your urine in. You need to urinate often so that your body flushes out all of the toxins in your body as well as excess sugar. The excess sugar is what the yeast is feeding on, allowing it to grow and cause infection. Try your best to avoid sugary foods as well as yeasty foods (like bread), to limit this from happening. The second similar symptom between men and women is intense itching. Having a yeast infection will make you itch like crazy. You can wash often to relieve some of the itching, but it will still be there. Try not to itch too much either because it can make your skin irritated, which will just make you itchier. You can buy a cream from the store that will help.

The third similar symptom between men and women is foul odor. The odor is caused while the yeast is metabolizing sugar. The yeast gives off gases as it is metabolizing, causing the odor to occur.

Other common symptoms of yeast infection in men: Painful swelling Red dots at the tip of the penis : White patches Dry, peeling skin

Aside from the usual symptoms that are pretty definite in determining a yeast infection, there are also some signs that may clue you in to the infection as well. These signs may or may not mean that you actually have a yeast infection, but when paired together and when accompanied by any of the above listed symptoms, it is a very good indication that you do in fact have one.

Signs You May Already Have or May Soon Be Getting a Yeast Infection: Cravings for Sugar If you find yourself craving a lot of sugary snacks, it may be a sign that you have or will be having a yeast infection. Yeast feeds off of excess sugar in your body. If you are suddenly craving it more often, it could very well be because the yeast is consuming your body’s sugar quickly, and you are craving sugar to replace it.Uncomfortable During Intercourse If you are suddenly feeling uncomfortable during intercourse, it could be that you have a yeast infection coming on. It is best to abstain from sexual intercourse until a yeast infection is treated, as you may pass it along to your partner. Underwear Causing Irritation If your underwear is suddenly causing irritation; it could be that you have a yeast infection. Be sure to wear loose underwear or boxers so it will not cling to you and cause further irritation. Also be sure to shower frequently and always put on dry, clean clothes. This is especially important if you sweat a lot. You’ve been Drinking Beer if you normally drink a lot of beer; you have a lot of extra yeast in your body already. Once the bad bacteria (Candida) takes over due to whatever reason (most likely a weakened immune system), the yeast will grow and cause an infection. If you are a heavy beer drinker, you’re more likely to get a yeast infection. Once you notice one of the other signs, you can pretty easily guess what is coming. Limit your beer consumption and be sure to follow all the steps to keeping a yeast infection from happening, like staying dry, staying clean, and eating a healthier diet. You Eat a lot of Yeasty or Sugary Foods Just like with beer, eating foods that are full of yeast will put extra yeast in your body, making it easier for the bad Candida bacteria to take over, grow, and cause an infection. You should limit your intake of these types of foods. Foods include: • Baked goods and breads• Peanuts, pistachios, and walnuts• Dried fruit• Soda• canned soups• Ketchup There are many things that contain yeast and even more that contain sugar. Obviously not everything can be avoided, just be sure to limit them as much as you can.

Once you see the signs for yourself, or experience any of the symptoms of yeast infection in men, you can go to the store and purchase Monistat or any other yeast infection cream to clear up the infection. If the infection persists, consult your doctor who can then help you determine what your treatment options need to be, based on what the actual cause of the yeast infection is, such as stress, diet, or other underlying illness. Once you get to the real root cause of the infection you can take action to stop it, and stop it from happening again.

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