Yeast Infection in Men Symptoms

Yeast infection in men symptoms generally include pain near the penis and genital region. You may have one or more of the following symptoms if you are a man suffering from a yeast infection. If you have any of these symptoms it’s important to consult with a physician regarding your yeast infection treatment options.yeast infection symptoms

The worst yeast infection in men symptoms would have to be the pain and irritation caused to the head of the penis. A yeast infection can make your penis and genitals extremely itchy and sore to the touch. Some men have described pain so severe that they wished their penis would “just fall off”. It’s truly one of the most agonizing medical conditions than can happen to a man. Not only that but it’s difficult for a man to admit he has an infection most commonly related to a vagina.

Men may also experience painful sores on penis with a yeast infection. This can range from small sores to large blisters depending on the severity of the yeast infection. This is one symptom that’s almost impossible to ignore. If your yeast infection has progressed this far you should definitely consult a physician regarding treatment options.

The worst yeast infection in men symptoms are no symptoms at all. You could have a yeast infection right now and not even know it. Sometimes you will feel no symptoms at all until your yeast infection has become quite advanced, when suddenly you get every symptom at once. This can make a yeast infection dangerous as it allows a carrier to pass it around without ever knowing it.

If you’ve been with a partner who has recently had a yeast infection, you may be infected without even knowing it. Only safe sex can prevent a yeast infection for sexually active people. It’s important to know your partner’s history of yeast infection if you plan to avoid getting one yourself. Yeast infection in men symptoms alone should be enough to make you think twice the next time you plan to have sex.

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